Friday, May 23, 2008

The Smiling Weeble

Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile, boys, smile. While you've a lucifer to light your fag, smile, boys, that's the style...
The worse it gets for Labour, the more they smile, taking their cue from the Great Helmsman himself, who is permanently wreathed in what he takes to be smiles these days. On Question Time last night (of which, as usual, I could only endure fragments), Labour had wheeled out their house Weeble, the beyond ghastly Hazel Blears, whose response to every question, answer, interjection or indeed anything, was to broaden her simpering smile until it threatened to crack her face clean in two. An extraordinary performance, but no more so than Gordon on a smile offensive (the operative word). It won't wash, of course. All the smiles do is to demonstrate in yet another form precisely what is wrong with this lot and why, finally, the nation wants shot of them: they are fatally, smugly and hopelessly disconnected from reality, and there isn't an idea left in their pretty smiling heads (as Hariet Harman demonstrated beyond peradventure in a desperate performance on Today this morning). But enough - no more politics today. .


  1. Well, except that today's new Tory MP is ... wait for it, yes, a barrister. What a surprise! He'll be joining, oh, half the Bar in the House of Commons; the Cabinet and the Shadow Cabinet are packed with m'learned friends. I suspect the disconnection between politics and the rest of the country runs an awful lot deeper than Broon and his cronies. Though it appears that Broon has tried to pull a fast one with the Dalai Lama, loudly agreeing to meet him and then not really meeting him after all. I think another what-a-surprise! is coming on. Peter Bowles has a good cartoon of it today.

  2. Oh, i think Nu Labour have lots of ideas's just they're all bad ones, patently bad ones: new offences, new ways to stop the police/teachers/hospitals doing their jobs, new inane and insane initiatives to squander millions of £££, new levels of vulgarity and Jihad-appeasement and general human baseness.

    They've done their best to lie and swindle their way through it but no matter how many statistics they publish showing our pupils are getting brighter & brighter and our streets safer & safer you only have to meet young people today, or walk out on the street, to realise their many bad ideas have turned this country into something like a giant banlieu.

  3. ...i find myself wondering if Messrs Blair & Brown & their assorted hangers-on could be prosecuted for treason...

  4. ...and not only treason!

    The problem was well stated by Tony Blair when, on the matter of slavery, he said: “It is hard to believe what would now be a crime against humanity was legal at the time.”

    Though the very same phrase might also be used to give consistency to the idea that anyone who initiated an illegal war was also guilty of crimes against humanity.


  5. I have had contact with three MPs in my business life, needing their specific help with some very pressing problems.
    Early seventies, Shirley Williams, I hate this woman, she shagged the English education system, it never recovered, however, she was the local MP so no choice, she came up trumps, saved my bacon, and the jobs of 100 people (steel shortage).
    1979, Ted Garrett, an old, labour die hard if there ever was one, no intellectual but a decent man, he came up with the goods and followed through to ensure all was well.
    Late nineties, Stephen Byers, useless little shit that he is, totally ignored me and my request for help in acquiring extra factory space, creating more employment.
    Late nineties, the powers of darkness were upon us, Sauron being interviewed for radio in the royal mile, me screaming "lies, all lies" at him, he did scowl, but not much, (Frau Malty was seriously miffed) I've done my bit, now its up to you elberry.
    Your right about the leaglies Mark, these people are the new Mongol hoards, greedy, self seeking, arrogant tossers.