Thursday, May 15, 2008

'The Womens Is Deficient'

This is good news, expect for its cost to the public purse, i.e. us. But it remains deeply worrying that the police have bought into a mindset that puts 'community cohesion' and 'feelings of public reassurance' before prosecuting those whose openly expressed idea of community cohesion is to exterminate the filthy kuffir, homosexuals, Jews etc, and about whom we should most definitely not be 'reassured'. The result is - as in so many other areas of police activity - harassment of those who make a soft target (the fundamentally blameless) while the real, major offenders are virtually immune from prosecution. Have any of those featured in Undercover Mosque been prosecuted as a result? Has there even been any serious effort to prosecute them?
The title of this post, by the way, is one of the more amusing utterances of one of the featured sages.


  1. My father - an Indian - used to come out with stuff like that, bizarre misogynistic rants to which there was no reply.

    The cops seem to have become just another arm of the office of Politically Correctness now.

  2. Of course,Elberry, the way in which societies treat women has always been a measure of their level of civilization.

    After all, there was Freud who set out to prove that women have a severe castration complex, and, perhaps wrongly, suggested that the female is no more than a disappointed male. And Joseph Conrad who, no doubt in consideration of modern suffragettes, put it about that "A woman with a masculine mind is not a being of superior efficiency; she is simply a phenomenon of imperfect differentiation - interestingly barren and without importance." Which particular trend is rapidly accelerating as women more and more ape men's drinking and lifestyle habits.

    Take your pick...


  3. And then, Selena, there were the Amazons. I rather fancy you've a bit o' Amazon in you; I know I do, though I'm not ready to have my right breast removed to better shoot my bow and arrow.