Monday, May 26, 2008

Don't Forget...

... read Nigeness, more fun than you'll have here.


  1. 'Eye of the Niger'
    Well, definitely not a tiger, but optimistic, light-hearted; occasionally ruminative, reflective, somewhat predictable, always there when you need him.

    I prefer his mate; you know, the much darker, edgy one, who can, it seems, capture concepts and emotions and articulate them as easily as you and I draw breath; you know, the bloke who often seems beset with uncertainty over his own brilliance, he who recently pondered whether or not he wished to continue as a blogger; you can almost hear him exclaiming in moments of self-doubt 'What's the bloody point?' For me there's plenty of point; 'Thought Experiments' the first and last click of the day.

  2. Yes, the clever, dark one, who shape-shifts to fit in to his environs. Not the sturdy, stolid Rock of Gibraltar who filled the breach during the Dark One's long absence.

    Funny how things work. The Dark One returns after a seven week bender, all disoriented and disconsolate over his atrophied powers of perception to find the fortress in steady and able hands. He knew at once what had to be done.

    1. Regain powers.

    2. Shunt the Steady One off to the provinces.

  3. Moi, I love Nige and Nige, I would comment on your new blog, but I do NOT want to create a Blogger acc't and you still don't have the "URL optional" requirement. Tant pis, 'cause I have a thing or two to say about Anne Tyler and other topics.


  4. Susan, I tried to sort that out this morning, and couldn't for the life of me find anything that gave me such an option. If anyone knows the drill...

  5. I did not shunt, Duck, and thanks, Johntyh