Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Madness of Ed, The Sanity of Boris

It's a well known fact that prime ministers who serve any length of time sooner or later go mad (vide Thatcher, Blair), but Ed Balls, Gordon's anointed heir (how's that for a poisoned chalice?), seems to have achieved the feat before even getting a taste of the highest office. His plans for the school leaving age are beyond jaw-dropping. The men in white coats cannot be far away. Meanwhile, Boris's latest plan seems eminently sane. Boris Mark II (the new-look serious version) seems to be doing rather well so far...


  1. Nige, Maggie was never mad, she just thought she was Boudica and we were the Iceni. Mad or not, without her intervention, this country would have had third world status by the mid eighties

  2. Totally agreed. The last of the great statesmen! (Nor would she have balked at the term)

    And Boris’ secret idol, I see, was Pericles. Apart, of course, from Marilyn Monroe, Aristotle, William Shakespeare, Descartes and Scarlett Johannson.

    It may be a source of astonishment, but Hitler's secret idol, too, was Pericles. Still, a damn sight better than having Trotzki, Stalin, Mao and Saddam Hussein or Myra Hindley, on your list of favourites as, trust me on this, Livingston probably did...


  3. I reckon Maggie went mad fairly late, after her good work was done. Took Blair no time at all.

  4. selena, I heard that kenny's favourite was Hattie Jacques and that he wanders around Catford at night wearing her old tights, Uncle Addies favourite was Friedrich, never heard about Pericles before, unless it ran in the 2.15 at Mannhiem, I never did like Myra's eyeshadow much.

  5. Still and all, given how well he's doing, it might be as well to keep horses out of sight.
    And God help the Seneca.

  6. >Pericles, Hitler's secret idol<

    ...quoted in Hitler's Piano Player: The Rise and Fall of Ernst Hanfstaengl, Confidante of Hitler, Ally of FDR by Peter Conradi