Saturday, May 03, 2008

Things Change

Well there we are - Boris wins, Ken is gone, and the latter at least is cause for celebration. It was a strangely protracted business, cuing many a hilarious Zimbabwe jest - but in the end the result came, and it was the right one.
What has struck me in all the interviews with those on the losing side - Ken of course included - is the unspoken assumption that a Tory advance represents a reft in the very fabric of space-time, a fundamental anomaly, that can only be the result of 'mistakes', of 'not listening', of a failure to get the message across. I've often noticed this mindset in leftists, the assumption that their project is not only right but self-evidently right, and those who don't buy into it either haven't understood it or are outside the pale of rational discourse, irredeemable and best ignored or sneered at (the shorthand for these unfortunates' benighted worldview is 'Daily Mail'). The thing is, Brown has succeeded all too well in getting his message across - he's made it very clear who he is and what he stands for, as has Ken - and very large numbers of people dislike them enough to give them both a sound electoral drubbing. That's democratic politics. Things change.


  1. I never realised just how many comical ali's the labour government possessed until last night and this morning. The line seems to be "ok you smacked our botties because of the worlds financial crisis, (not our fault of course) now we will listen to you and get on with the show" In your dreams bub, what sort of people are they if they can't tell the difference between a bottie smack and a complete shafting ?
    I just hope that you good folks down in Lunnen have chosen correctly, the potential for meltdown with a budget that size is enormous.
    You probably will not have noticed this' but the single most important event was not the mayoral contest, but the Tories taking North Tyneside, believe me when I say that this is the same as the archbishop of Canterbury becoming pope, a truly seismic shift, this is an area where until now if Nosferatu, Ian Brady and Myra Hindley had been labour candidates they would have been returned with an overwhelming majority, strange times indeed, there's hope for the future yet, elberry

  2. If North Tyneside is anything like Sunderland, Middlesbrough, etc., that truly is hope. The denizens up there are the scum of the earth, they regard signing on as an informed career choice, and being unemployed as a job for life, they are filthy drug-taking gouchers whose daily ambit extends as far as the local benefits office, then down to McDonald's for breakfast, followed by a few lagers in Yates', followed by a few hours wandering around town begging from anyone who'll stop to listen to their sorry tales of poverty and destitution. They are bestial filth, the worst people in the world, along with Jihaddists.

    Let's hope the Tories stop this demagogic 'we're just like Blair only slightly different!' shit and get some public whipping posts erected, post-haste.

  3. In America, Nige, Democrats call themselves the reality-based party. And of course, their only problem is somehow not communicating their message in such a way that the rest of us poor schlubs can grasp it.

  4. elberry, one assumes from your mornings musings that you are not enamoured of the good burghers of Sunderland and the lands to the south. Being a pure bred Geordie and therefore racially superior, I cannot but concur with your conclusions. My father used to describe that tribe as "an ugly bunch of nonces" a man steeped in the subtler arts of conversation was he.
    However, to bring some balance to the discussion it would only be fair to point out that Nissan may disagree with our viewpoint, they having set up and ran for many years a successful automotive plant there.
    Incidentally, my reasons for holding them in in such low esteem are purely racial, what are yours? Did I see, somewhere in your megablog some reference to Durham uni, did they perhaps, in error allocate you a place in the burdz college or even worse, did you elect to take one of those obscure religious history degrees, in one of those old buildings close to the cathedral ? One of Malty juniors friens did just that and finished up in the nutter mending business.

  5. "Let's hope the Tories stop this demagogic 'we're just like Blair only slightly different!' shit and get some public whipping posts erected, post-haste."

    They won't, they're just the same as Labour and will do nothing to reform the benefits system. The irony is Labour could get away with right wing moves the tories wouldn't have dared implement. The tories if anything will be more timerous about what needs to be done. (e.g hanging, torture, death squads etc). That last bit was a joke, i think.

  6. Yes, i went to Durham - was at St John's college (a Xian college) so possibly the same as your son's friends. The locals were scum in every way, violent, ugly, base, noisy, scum. They had bad genes. Anyone with any looks or intelligence or other ability would move out of the NE instantly, so only the dregs remained. The women were all ugly and stupid andt he men all looked and acted like neanderthals.

    i also temped with a troll from Sunderland - The Beast Bongo, we called him - he had been on the dole in Sunderland for 10 years and regarded this as perfectly acceptable and sensible.

    i can sympathise with dolescum to some extent, in that if your only avaiable careers are herding trolleys around Sainsbury's or manning the till at It's a Pound, it probably seems better to play the benefits system instead.

    Having said that, they need to be lined up and shot.

  7. elberry, wise words, I myself emigrated to Kent in 1963 to live among a bunch of carrot crunching clods, and then to Lunnen, oh, arrr, to live among the fly over people, as we Geordies call them, people with names like Smiffy and jobs like elecmitritian. Thence to Hertfordshire, the land of exiled cockneys. I did, like the prodigal son, return to live in beautiful mid Northumberland, the land of the gods, in 1974
    However, this makes no neverminds, GB is a mongrel country, wherever you may live, compared with say, Germany.

  8. Elberry, I always enjoy your eccentric, bile filled musings but you, are in fact, an arse.
    Bojo's ascension gives me another reason not to visit London which, to be honest, I always found to be a smelly cesspit full of greedy, vacuos posers anyhoo.

  9. Dear me elberry, your fanbase doth increase exponentially, never mind me old fruit, Malty still holds you in high regard.

  10. I'm a fan of Elberry's blog, it's very amusing and often profound. That doesn't mean I have to agree with him when he says something daft.

  11. It's fair to say my younger self would have hated the present me, or rather hated my opinions, so i tend to sympathise with my many haters. They just haven't fought Muslims on the streets as i have, with a human thigh bone in one hand and a utility hammer in the other, nor have chav gangs tried to set them on fire. When my many critics have undergone these wonderful experiences they will no doubt agree with me and try to worship me as a god. And when i refuse they will kill me and eat my flesh, and drink my blood, that they may partake of my supposed godhead.

    The bugger of it is i'm not even god.

  12. I myself am a veteran of the Chav Wars. I find the best tactic against them is uncontrollable rage followed by godlike violence.
    If BoJo needs a "Respect Tsar" I'm open to negotiations.

  13. "in the end the result came, and it was the right one."

    "I've often noticed this mindset in leftists, the assumption that their project is not only right but self-evidently right"

    I'm a Ken supporter. But I can't imagine calling this "the wrong result".

    It's quite something to condemn others for their weird arrogance while displaying exactly that attitude yourself.