Sunday, June 01, 2008

Portillo on Brown

Of course, in spite of what I just said, everybody who writes for The Sunday Times is an unalloyed genius. But I thought I would just note an oddity in Michael Portillo's column today. He does an excellent job of explaining why Brown is crap - and always has been - and then says he has a problem because there are no big beasts in the cabinet. He remarks: 'Today nobody in the cabinet measures up to Brown and that diminishes him.' But, on the basis of what Portillo had just said, everybody in the cabinet would seem to more than measure up to Brown. In fact, I can't see how Brown 'measures up' at all. I think we should stop giving Brown the Big Beast title, otherwise he will go down like Hitler in his bunker - blaming the people for not being good enough for him.

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