Sunday, June 22, 2008

Yearning for Zion: The Feds Move In

I have just been contacted by Steve Singular, author of When Men Become Gods, a tremendous book about Warren Jeffs the breakaway Mormon sect that built the Yearning of Zion Ranch in Texas - the subject of my Sunday Times magazine article today. The federal government may now be stepping in where the states - Arizona, Utah and Texas - have failed.
Steve writes: 'The night we went to dinner I'd just finished speaking with Senator Harry Reid. He'd read the book over that weekend and called to talk about it. He asked me to write a letter detailing potential FLDS federal crimes. The letter has been given to other Congressional leaders, as Reid is using it to help kick start a federal probe of the sect. He didn't want me to talk about this until now, so I couldn't bring it up earlier. I'll keep you informed as to where this leads. I'm going on a book tour through Utah this coming week and Senator Reid wanted me to talk about all this in Salt Lake City and St. George.'


  1. First, abject apologies, Bryan. I've jsut changed countries and haven't been doing much else.

    The matter in hand - there are two sides. There is most certainly the sect nutter leader side and what damage one man can wreak but there is also the other side that if FEMA and the gang can get the old "undesirable subversive" thing into a code of practice, then any deviant thought falls under that heading on the say so of, say, the Patriot Act.

  2. Not necessarily a good thing. The last time some Democrats sent in the Feds to sort out an apocalyptic sect in Texas the results were not notably successful.