Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Price of Oil

I assume we are all agreed that, if oil stays at anything like its present levels, then we shall within a year or two be living in a different world. The only question is: how different? I am ready. I have stockpiled low carb foods, AK 47s, obtained blood oaths of loyalty from the yokels and manoeuvred my tank into a strategic location.


  1. Don't panic yet, Bryan, Barack will see us through! He's the New Man for the new reality.

  2. Yes the end of cheap oil. We will now have to start paying for the stuff. It really had to happen.

  3. You ain't seen nothing yet, A.Salmond, current gaulieter of the porridge scoffers has his beady eyes on `Scotlands` oil, better rebuild that wall again chaps. How did you manage to get Lt Gruber out of retirement for that photoshoot?

  4. I understand your delight, in a way. It's obvious to everyone that the oil based economy cannot be sustained. We've been putting off the inevitable for three decades, ever since the oil shock of 1973. We must transition to another technology for our energy needs.

    Just think how far along we would be had we stayed committed to alternative energy back then. But humans are naturally procrastinators. We won't go to the dentist until the pain is unbearable. Now it is, or soon will be. Time to get that rotten oil tooth pulled, before it destroys us.

    Just think how good it will feel to finally be on the other side of the oil toothache. My bet is on algae.