Friday, June 06, 2008

Without Garfield

Strangely disturbing this. Removing Garfield from the trips turns them into potent documents of contemporary anomie. Possibilities proliferate. Remove Bart from The Simpsons and you have Homer strangling air. Take Jon Snow out of  Channel 4 News and the show keeps cutting back to the bleak spectacle of an empty desk. Metaphors made by removal - it feels like a breakthrough.


  1. if don't you want any comments just say.

    The Apprentice without Sugar - sweet!

  2. The Garfield sans Garfield cartoons are a tremendous improvement.

    How about the Daddy: Big Brother with no contestants. Long, bleak shots of an empty bedroom...hundreds of hours of live feeds...week after week of nightly 'highlights' showing gently growing grass and corroding metal...

    It would be seminal, mind-expanding. Consoling.

  3. the small bits of Big Brother I've seen, Brit, that suggestion would neither improve or diminish its quality for me.

    yes, basically, I don't get it - probably never did! really surprised it's still running...

  4. Take all Welshmen of a certain sexual proclivity out of Snowdonia and Bach's 'Sheep May Safely Graze' takes on added meaning (Well, at least to the sheep of Snowdonia)

  5. Someone took the news out of channel four news.