Saturday, June 07, 2008

'Sex' and the City

Just to recommend this elegant hatchet job - the stale Puritanism point is one I have made myself so it must be right. Do not jump to the last line which, I suspect, is where Lane began this review.


  1. I have rarely watched Sex & the City, but I have read many obituaries with greater pleasure.
    At over 1600 words, I don’t know how you got to the last line unless you jumped to it.

    Excellent but, time for a (sex) change...

  2. Great review. i really like Lane's writing. Sex and the City always filled me with a numbing horror. i couldn't really morally object to the characters - they weren't evil or anything - it's just they seemed to lack human souls.

  3. I like the sight of a well wielded hatchet as much as the next bloke. And barrel fishing is a sound method. But I do not think that this subject matter deserves the Juvenal treatment. It also smacks a bit of the Royal Ballet being reviewed in the Sun.