Thursday, June 19, 2008

Texas 2

Austin Airport. On my way to Boston. The great charm of the story is that the locations cannot possibly be clues to what it is. Anyway, Pontiac G6 - a bearable American car. It handles! MSNBC, a politics TV channel, was, last night, given over to coverage of Tim Russert, his death. Perhaps UKTV Gold or some such could do the same for me - 'He was a strange man. Great boots though! Unfortunately, after a while they turned out to be his Zahir, he could think and talk about nothing else. He died, of course, wearing a handsome pair of Luccheses.'


  1. My favorite part of Texas was leaving it. I have been told that Austin isn't really like Texas. It's an island of liberalism surrounded by a sea of George W Bush worshipers.

  2. Your obituary will also include the observation: "His work brought him into physical proximity with Monica Bellucci and Kylie Minogue but he inexplicably failed to commit a sex crime."

  3. That Pontiac G6 is "bearable" because it is a Saab 9-3/Vauxhall Vectra under the skin.

    Sorry, I clearly have an inner 'anorak' screaming to get out.

  4. I am a big Texan,
    yes i am
    and I have a big gun
    got me a big old Dick and I
    I like to have fun
    held against your forehead
    I'll make you suck it
    maybe I'll put a hole in your head
    you know, just for the fuck of it.

  5. Boots are made for walking. Talk is made for talking. Both need tongues. But what are they saying?

  6. I have it on eyewitness authority that the boots really are impressive.