Saturday, June 21, 2008

Raj and the Scientologists

The one time I met Raj Persaud he was a bit too charming, but, other than that, he seemed to be just one more likeable self-promoter. I vaguely noticed the plagiarism charges against him and shrugged. He'd been stupidly sloppy but others do far worse and get away with it. Then, today, I realised it was a complaint from the Scientologists under the banner of The Citizens Commission on Human Rights - ha bloody ha - that landed him before the General Medical Council. I shrug no more. Raj is innocent. It's the aliens in the volcanos mob that should be in the dock.


  1. Scientology, assert that all human problems, such as murder, plagiarism, sexual dysfunction and depression, stem from so-called "engrams" planted like mnemonic triggers in our subconscious minds.

    Scientology is, of course, a harmonious and tolerant religion, and anyone who says otherwise will be tricked, sued or lied to and destroyed - according to a policy issued in the 1960s by Hubbard and known as Fair Game. Accordingly, I myself was investigated, pursued is the term, for some sixteen years (16) non-stop (I kid you not) until I moved house. Today I am hailed as the reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard.

    Feel free to direct your prayers to me (donations are welcome)!


  2. Bryan,

    You seem to feel very comfortable exposing Scientology for the bag of lies that it is, but when you turn your hand to more conventional religious practises, you seem much more sympathetic, even though both assert a similar torrent of bullshit. Why is this?

  3. It is TOTALLY irrelevant that scientologists brought the allegations of plagiarism against Persaud.

    These allegations were substantiated by the tribunal who said that Persaud could not possibly have not been aware he was publishing other peoples work without attribution.

    Psychiatric fraud is rife in Psychiatry.It was reported by Professor David Healy to the house of commons in 2004 that drug companies are buying off all the big name academics and getting them to author industry favourable studies.

    Raj Persaud is just one of the very many academic frauds in the Psychiatric profession.