Thursday, July 03, 2008

The A.M.Ramblers

I posted on the wonderful home-made music I encountered in Texas. But there was also this pub in San Angelo. It was a barn-like place highly recommended for its music. I went there because a band called Austin Collins was playing and everybody said they were the best. In the event it was, for me, merely routine rock. Their support, however, was something else. I had them down as the most neurotic band in the world - it took them at least an hour to set up. But, suddenly, they burst into life. They were a joy, echt America. They're called the A.M.Ramblers. This is their site and you can hear them here


  1. Old Crow Medicine Show? Nu-bluegrass... s'okay. I do hope they only had the one mic!

  2. Thanks for the good comment about our show! Glad you like it. We would like to get you a copy of the new CD. It sounds much better than the one made using only "one mic."
    -A.M. Ramblers