Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Staring at Albania

I am back. I did not get kidnapped by brigands in Albania, I did not even cross to Albania. I merely pined for its apparent emptiness from the 'holiday hot spot' of north eastern Corfu. I did not buy any boots and I am deeply sorry that Nick Cohen was asked to follow up my story on Man on Wire. (No I'm not; I fell about.) I note that, once again, the minute I leave the country you break something - this time it was Gordon Brown. Actually, it's always Gordon Brown. And, on that matter, his holiday wear consisted of black trousers and an inordinately long and very expensive grey jacket. Doubtless a stylist was involved, possibly one with a sense of humour. But I am busy....


  1. Albania is pretty empty of people but the beaches are entirely full of rubbish - or they were when I was there. Everyone has a gun and the food is cold. Odd place..

  2. were you tempted to shout across the water ''mister grimsdale!!''?