Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chili Beef

Discussing the Glasgow East by-election with Michael Burleigh last night, I came up with the line, 'You don't vote Labour because you're poor; you're poor because you vote Labour.' CaptainB, as we know him on this blog, looked up from his chili beef (Yauatcha - very groovy but slightly weird waitresses) and said, 'I might pass that on to the Tories'. So this is just to say - when Cameron Osborne emits this line, remember you read it here first. Oh and on the world and stuff - we agreed it's all going to get much worse, unless, of course, it gets better.


  1. You don't vote Tory because you have a bob or two... Works well enough. But explain the LibDems.
    And did she look like a Yauatcha or someone who drew the name from the chiefs name-of-the-day crock earlier that evening, it has the feel of a name from the other side of Kazan.
    Groovy ?.

  2. he he, that's the sort of thing Cameron would come out with.
    but hold on, what does that say about you?! Sorry, Mr. A.

  3. That other umbrella organization for the poor, the Catholic church is wading into the by-election debate now, accusing labour of being morally bankrupt. What?

  4. and there was I thinking it was 'edgehog. Funny what chillis can do. Two lls by the way Bryan. speaking of Mr A, by the way, he looks like a man transformed by his Utah diet. At least ten years younger. And the haircut! It was so cool I almost thought of betraying Roy, my 60 something ex-merchant navy barber, who wanted to crush Abu Hamza with a steamroller. After last night I can't seem to expel a song about false eyelashes and push-up bras from my head- spent the night being assaulted by hundreds of Barbie dolls, in my dreams.