Monday, December 22, 2008

My First Swede

The curse of Thoughts Experiments has struck down my Jerk of the Decade, Horace Engdahl. I have had this effect on many people but I think he's the first Swede I've destroyed.


  1. It's like a random blog generator in here. Don't worry, I get the same impression when reading the news.

  2. Those Euro sophisticates, I just love em. the fact that Europe, not America, The middle or Far East has given the world the two most evil ideologies in human history is just a matter of detail.

    BTW, Sir N Ferguson in tonight's C4 Assent of Money borrows a great deal from current worlds greatest thinker Lord Taleb of uncertainty, interesting Doc, watched it last night on dvd.

  3. Heehee. The first couple of 'graphs of my essay on foreign fiction (Winter 2009 issue of The Hudson Review, out in three weeks -- even in England, somewhere) makes merry with Engdahl and his idiotic comments. I also note that he reminds me of Dr. Frank -n-Furter's long lost twin. Doesn't he though?

    "Let's do the time warp again!"

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