Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Cow 243 Caption


  1. Do I amuse you? I'm a cow, now fuck off.

  2. She's Two Four Three and I asked her if she wanted to dance
    She looked awful nice and so I hoped she might take a chance

    I didn't know just what to do
    And so I whispered I love you
    And she said moo moo moo moo too
    And then I kissed her

    ... tra-la la la, etc

  3. 'I've got the Shreddies and the readies, so what do you say, Primrose?'

  4. "Well, I once loved a girl/ but she didn't love me/ 'cause she had bovine spongiform encephalopathy!"

    And, now, cruelly, they've put her in a concentration camp.

    John Bull

  5. Cheer up? Cheer up?? I'll tell you why I won't cheer up: foot and bleedin' mouth, Susan B taking the piss about BSE, a leather goods shop opened in the village called 'CowsRus', barbed wire stuck in the top of me head and through me nose, a hide that was black six months ago - now I look 60, and you come along with your Nikon and shout "Debby Reynolds ha ha !" Sod off!

  6. that's an organic cow. you can tell by its ''please feed me'' expression.

  7. ''you think these earrings are naff, you should see the tattoo they put on my arse!''