Tuesday, November 20, 2007

From Genocide to Cricket

Change and decay in all around we see - that goes without saying - but occasionally there's a news story that gladdens the heart. Here's one, all the more remarkable in that it comes out of Africa. The really good bit is not that they're applying to join the strangely cuddly and likeable Commonwealth, but that they've discovered cricket. Yes, this Francophone nation has turned, in a matter of a few years, from genocide to cricket. This can only be a good thing. Bad news for France, of course - but their problem has always been that they don't play cricket.


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  2. Well Andromeda, that sounds like fun, but it doesn't seem to have much to do with cricket or Rwanda...

  3. Are bad taste remarks about stumps accepted on this post?

  4. Beautiful. An all too rare example of a story that made me smile happily. I love it when cricket becomes popular anywhere, but it is especially uplifting in these circumstances.

    Incidentally, the Afghanistan national cricket federation president, Shahzada Masood, recently said the following: "If we had just 50% of the facilities that other international teams have, then nobody would be able to beat Afghanistan."

    I'm not sure, given the ruinous problems that invading armies have faced in that particular neck of the woods, that I would be inclined to bet against him, either.

    As far as Rwanda is concerned, I'm horribly torn as to whether I am more pleased that the Rwandans are moving from genocide towards cricket, or from the French towards common sense. Tough call, to be sure.

    Kind regards etc....