Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Solidarity with the Fantastically Rich Writers of Hollywood

Inspired - no, moved - by the example of the seventeen entertainment blogs that have shut down in support of the Writers Guild of America strike, I was about to shut down this blog in solidarity with the struggle of my colleagues across the water. This, I thought, is my chance to make a difference, to play a part. Then I thought no, can't be bothered.


  1. Bryan, I'm a little surprised you didn't at least get a reference in to 'Aliens' or 'How to Live Forever or Die Trying'. This piece cries out for it. You might have stated "I was about to shut down the blog that rightly steers you in the direction of 'this' and 'this' ....."

    I was so influenced by yesterday's blatant advertising of 'Aliens' that I've ordered a copy.

  2. Here's hoping they extend their shut down indefinitely.

  3. Wise move, Mr. A. John's point above does stand though.