Thursday, November 15, 2007

Flowers And Worries

Talking of flowers, they were looking wonderful down my way this morning, being, like the leaves, edged with frost - and I can also report that a goldfinch (perhaps the same one I noted in a post last summer) was singing fit to bust, writes Carshalton rhapsodist Nige. However, one or two things that I caught on the news last night are worrying me. It seems the French have suddenly been infected by sanity - you wouldn't think it, seeing the unfolding chaos on the nation's transport system, but it seems the public have moved behind Sarko and, for a wonder, against the unions. Polls show 70/80 percent want the unions to back down, take their medicine and be grateful. This unheard-of development suggests that, just maybe, France is going to go the way of the rest of the world, and thereby, perhaps, become more like it. Domage... And then there was a ghastly young auctioneer, having just flogged Hugh Grant's Warhol (I think), declaring with unblinking certainty that there will be 'no end' to the boom in contemporary art prices. This cannot be true, as a moment's thought confirms, but the truth is that Old Master art is now seriously underpriced (as is good antique furniture). My tip to anyone with real money - buy Old Masters, buy good furniture, and, of course, buy property in frost-rimmed, bird-haunted Carshalton. You won't be sorry.


  1. Let us pray that the madness that is their language will preserve the French from becoming like us. C'est dommage, but the English are a worn-out breed now, perhaps 'tis the French who will lead the war against the Americans when it comes (as it surely must).

  2. Surely 'war against the Muslim hordes'? They'd be up for that - so would all those eastern Europeans...

  3. the old divide and rule. we say we don't trust them but we do.

    for the first time in a long while, I went to an ATM yesterday and drew out real money. (Did it always smell that funny? and it kind of felt oily to touch). Anyway, I was tempted to buy something soon after and now I have a pocket full of shrapnel which, in time, will surely lose itself down the back of my antique elizabethan settee.

  4. The War will, i suspect, be against the Muslims first - we will use the Americans as cannon fodder. But when the Muslims have been defeated it will be necessary to destroy what is left of America.

  5. This American is going to Paris in the spring. Easter Sunday in Notre Dame Cathedral....yeah!

    Who cares if I'm currently unemployed and the euro is squashing the dollar? It's Paris! It will be spring (I hope)! My son, 14, will be seeing the City of Lights for the first time and he, like his mama, is a Francophile.

    Suzy's advice to all: Live now, live well, forget whatever bitter future may be brewing.

    At any rate, that is my motto and it's worked for 47 years so far. Happy day, mes amis......