Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A New Dawn In Chilean-Peruvian Relations, and a Grounded Bishop

I rather like this story, but can't think of anything to say about it (apart from wondering what fines must have accrued). It could have been war - they've been fought over less in South America - but no, it was resolved in the best possible way, if a little tardily.
Another good news story - the Bishop of London has completed his year of no flights, thus becoming one of the very few high-profile climate change believers actually prepared to modify their behaviour in accordance with their professed beliefs. Though admittedly he left himself with little choice, having declared unnecessary flights and gas-guzzling cars 'sinful'... Highlight of his non-flying year was a rail trip to Transylvania. I envy him that.


  1. Do you think he went tourist class to Transylvania, or snuck aboard the Orient Express when he thought no one was looking?

  2. I think he did it the hard way, Randy - took him 36 hours, but he was v impressed with the German railways.