Friday, November 16, 2007

From The Bench...

Call me infantile, but this made me laugh. What has the world come to if a Judge can't have a bit of fun at the expense of a towel-headed son of the desert? It's political correctness gone mad, as they said when the Chair of the Multicultural Anti-Offence Committee had a sudden breakdown and ran screaming from the room...


  1. talking of headgear, he looks more stupid with the wig off than on - which is quite an achievement. so, whatever happened to the charge 'contempt of court'?

  2. What's that great line from Withnail & I, Danny the drug dealer relating the tale of the Coal Man going to court in a kaftan:

    "The Coal Man turns up in his kaftan and a belt. This does not meet with the Judge's approval. Judge says, 'what's this, man, this ain't fancy dress?' So the Coal Man sez to him 'You think you look normal, your Honour?'"