Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ponder Post 17: Fish

And, while my pondering is on a roll and following on from Nige's Finest of the Finny Tribe post, why, I ponder, do fish always look sad? Are they holding dollars?


  1. Just because we haven't caught a fish looking cheerful is no reason to conclude they're never cheerful. They just look dismayed when we're around is all. And who'd blame them?

  2. Barracuda have a rather disconcerting grin. And you'll notice it, too, if you're snorkeling around them and you have jewelry on your fingers.

  3. My father used to keep koi carp. All his free time was spent turning the back garden into a series of ponds. The poor fish were constantly falling sick and dying of the multitude of woes to which fish are subject.

    My father would often force my sister & myself to bury them alive. The fish didn't look happy about this and neither did we.