Monday, December 01, 2008

American Airlines Loves Me

And something else of which I'm slightly ashamed - my pathetic glee at finding myself an American Airlines Platinum Member, elevated from the ranks of the gold peons. The card came in the post with a platinum-coloured 'Benefits Guide' which I read from cover to cover. I have trashed the idea of loyalty cards recently, but, somehow, airline ones are so much more glamorous than the rest - even when it's from the often rather shabby American. It's to do with the public nature of travel, the visible status involved in, for example, always being able to check in at the first class desk - one 'benefit' now available to me. It's pathetic I know, but, in spite of rumours to the contrary, I am only human.


  1. Be prepared for much muttering and scowling "did you see that, bet he's one of those creepy bankers"
    Plus, come the revolution it's allways the platinum mob up against the wall first.

  2. I understand the pleasure completely... the wall can wait

  3. make sure you take your guide, the staff will not know anyhow, they will need informing of the benefits for your new status.