Thursday, December 04, 2008

She's Back!

Oh all right, Gwyneth's latest is in.  It's full of - eeeurgh I can hardly bring myself to write this - holiday gift ideas. But don't forget: 'There are big gaps to make up this year for charitable organizations, giving is down and people need help. Donating to your local foodbank is always a very good idea. So whatever you can, on whatever scale you can. It's all about the intention.' I'm going for the Bamboo Utensil Set at only $24.74. It's recycled. 


  1. Some message stick the lady carries, she's twinned with Nelly Pledge. Was it the haircut that got you a repeat performance Brit.
    Jamie, head for the hills.

  2. Good choice Bryan, Bamboo is apparently stronger than steel.

    In fact it might come in handy in building your financial holocaust survival facility.

  3. The pink suits the blog surprisingly well. I think a make-over is called for.

  4. ah, it may well be stronger than steel but is it dishwasher proof? I think we should ask.

    I'll endeavour to give food donation a thought this ''holiday''. first fish and chippy, then bubble and squeaky...