Monday, December 01, 2008

Efficiently Meeting Marilynne

Here is a long interview with the great Marilynne Robinson in the Paris Review. It's very good, though there's nothing in there that I didn't get from Marilynnne when we met and much that isn't in there that I did. (A good deal of this was not included in The Sunday Times piece for reasons of length.) But what is striking about the article is the author's statement in the introduction - 'For this interview, we met on six occasions over a five-month period.' Bloody hell. I spent half a day interviewing Marilynne. Sometimes I just feel so.... so... so... efficient.


  1. Worn down by your constant fawning, I read Gilead. Extraordinary stuff, I have much to say about it (including the problem that the sheer relentless barrage of wisdom is a bit exhausting. After a while you want to go and watch Zoolander or something.)

  2. Oddly that's exactly what Frau Malty thought Brit, an over abundance of knowing all, I think were her words, but a very good read, praise indeed.

  3. I read Housekeeping after your comments Bryan and while prose was quite beautiful, I found the story lacking a little something, only a little though. I'll read Gilead soon and then no doubt 'Home' too. After all, if MR has just the three to her name, it'd be daft not to.