Monday, December 15, 2008

Westfield, Property, Brain, Yoghurt

Time to invest in property - a banker says prices are going to fall heavily next year so it's boom, boom, boom. That's all I have to say as I just visited the Westfield shopping centre in what used to be known as Shepherds Bush and my brain has gone yoghurt; in fact, I'm now not entirely convinced it wasn't all a dream. 


  1. Brave, shopping utopias make me scream.

    The one good thing about these places is watching the mums of teenagers, dress like their teenage daughters for a shopping trip....very weird, oh I like the cookie stall.

  2. Foolish me. It couldn't be anything else.

  3. There has always been something lacking in the light down at the Bush. For some reason the instant you cross over the roundabout it is like you put on sunglasses. Islington has the same. There is something energy sucking about them. Some people are like that also.