Sunday, December 07, 2008

Awkward Questions

I remember chatting to Claus von Bulow at a party long ago. I was carefully avoiding any mention of his wife when some bloke came up and plunged straight in - 'How's the wife?' He was perfectly happy to discuss the state of her health and, indeed, the charge that he poisoned her. The moral is: always ask the awkward question because it probably isn't. The next time I run into Gordon Brown I intend to ask him if he really does have a ping-pong ball in his mouth.


  1. If he has not make sure you shove a few in and hopefully down, 20-30 should do.

  2. next time you run into him, reverse up and finish the job properly.

  3. My father told me a story of Claus von Bulow walking into his club one day, causing a hush to go round the room. After a brief, tense silence von Bulow looked up and said "I didn't do it, you know". Ice broken, everybody got on just fine.