Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bush Goes Randy

I'm worried about George Bush. His low approval ratings have finally got to him and, in the last days of his administration, he has decided to adopt Randy Newman's Political Science approach. He has just enacted a law which allows concealed, loaded guns in national parks. This is comically wicked - rather like cancelling Christmas or culling polar bears. On his last day in power I anticipate the nuking of the Lake District for its continued refusal to allow the bearing of concealed, loaded guns by visiting Americans.


  1. this implies that weapons must be concealed at all times otherwise it would just simply state weapons are permitted. so you have to shoot the critters through the lining of your pocket?! I can't see this catching on to be honest.

  2. According to a news article elsewhere, "A small arms manufacturer in the US is taking deposits for a gun specially designed for elderly and disabled people ... 'Point and shoot couldn't be easier,' the New Jersey-based company claims ... The Palm Pistol has been certified as a Class I Medical Device by the US Food and Drug Administration, Constitution Arms said."

    You couldn't make it up. There'll be no need for trips to Swiss Clinics after this. Just ask your GP for a chocolate flavoured one and enjoy those notes of 100% dark organic with a hint of orange as your doddery fingers press the tit on your next adventure.