Monday, December 22, 2008

The Dementia Tsar

How could I miss this? We have a 'dementia Tsar'. His name, to his best recollection, is Phil Hope, though this could also be a post-it note he wrote to remind himself to put petrol in his car, which he named, for reasons that escape him for the moment, Hope. The story is written by one Jenny Hope. Hopes spring eternal. And, incidentally, did you know we have a dementia Tsar.....?


  1. I smell an election coming.
    Will they have a nuttyometer or a battyscope. He probably vaguely remembers being offered the job by...

  2. who are you? what are you doing on my blog?!

    (that sort of thing?)

  3. is there some correlation between Daily Mail and dementia? I only ask!

  4. I can imagine the protest marchers:

    'What do we want?'

    'We don't know'

    'When do we want it?'

    'Want what?'

  5. This from Danny Finkelstein

    10. Paige Worthy. Nominative determism has also fascinated the Freaknonomics blog ever since they discovered this fact checker for Good magazine.

    Given what's happened to the newspaper trade she's probably been fired.

  6. I’m a med student — two of my professors:

    Dr. Paine (Anesthesiology)
    Dr. Stoolman (GI)

    and finally, my high school english class:
    Mr. Read

  7. I think you mean Tsar of Bohemia not Dementia... have a nice cup of tea.

  8. It's the red Kryptonite. Me am Bizarro.

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