Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Sark seems to be voting  for or against the Daily Telegraph. It is a good basis for the island's first election. I dimly remember going to Sark and being told that the neighbouring island of Alderney was no more than a bunch of drunks clinging to a rock in the Channel. There are some elements of pot and kettle in this since my last memory of the place involved the consumption of heroic quantities of sloe gin and the worst hangover of my life. But I am sure they will approach the important issue of the Daily Telegraph with all the earnest sobriety it deserves.


  1. Bryan, this is the old fight. The pre 1832 fight. And I've read somewhere or another that you were a cultural Conservative who should have a shiver of delight for the return of the Rotten. Where the only fly, nothing from Tamworth.
    Still, Sark is moving forward. They must be somewhere around 1645, a bit of a jump from 1445. And it will be a bit of a giggle when they accept the idea of maids -milk or Filipino- onto the Council.


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