Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Jeremy Paxman's Package

Dazed by the party conference coverage, I am only hearing about one word in ten. And - here's the weird thing - it's always the same word! Package! Everybody keeps saying 'package'! Party hacks appear with their pale, sticky, ham-like faces and they say to Jeremy Paxman, 'I think your package was inaccurate/accurate/utterly deranged'. What they are referring to is the previous film report. But nobody in the real world describes a film report as a 'package'. The only people who do are those who have been briefed by some supposedly media-savvy wonk. But the first thing anybody with real media-savvy would say is, 'Don't under any circumstances use the word 'package'.' Apart from anything else, 'your package' addressed to Paxo sounds distractingly obscene.


  1. Funny nobody has commented on this. I put it down to fear.

  2. Unmasked trout reporting: 'package-schmackage'. The politicos are just trying to appear media-savvy. Maybe they should try speaking their own language rather than someone else's? Its all indicative of how they are imprisoned in a tight solepsistic group that talks to itself (Humphries, Naughtie, Paxman, Sqwark, Esler.....)without realising that they are part of the problem. We need a Karl Kraus to write about this- not a bodyless trout!

  3. Ah, salut, Beefheart. How peculiar that they should want to appear media-savvy - ie advertising themselves to Paxo and not their electorate which regards media savvy as the mark of Satan - I hope. All the non-Kraus type that do write about this have media degrees of course so we shall have to wait.