Saturday, October 07, 2006

Smiles and Cuddles

Yesterday, I discover to my horror, was World Smile Day, the theme, as always, was 'Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile.' It was rather wasted in Blackburn where everybody, including Jack Straw, now wears a full veil. Okay, I failed on Smile Day. But all is not lost because tomorrow Britain's first ever Cuddle Party is to be held in London. Here is where you can find out about this cuddle phenomena which is, apparently, sweeping the world. I'm not sure where it is in London because the Guardian blogger doesn't seem to tell me and the London event is not mentioned at the Cuddle Party site. It may be a hoax, one hopes so. You can also apply to train as a Cuddle Party Facilitator, a CV item of some value, I'm sure. Anyway, it seems, 'pyjamas must stay on at all times, there is no touching without permission, and participants should be 'hygienically savvy'. Nothing too threatening there and my hygienic savvies are impeccable. In addition, you never know, I might run into Gordon Brown. Blair's always at these events, of course. David Cameron is, thus far, undecided about the matter. He may be wondering, as I am, what the point of these fatuous, sentimental orgies of self-indulgence, self-congratulation, idiot grins and soppy psychobable actually is. But, then again, he may not.


  1. I wonder if they would consider some interesting little rules to add a mischievous edge like the permitting of head-butting? Imagine the general hilarity.

  2. Guns, Andrew, that's what they need, assault rifles, howitzers if necessary. A cuddle to death, now that I can understand.