Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My Message to the Future

I have just had two cups of tea and a bowl of Quaker Oat Granola. The tea was nice, the Granola wasn't. It looks as though it is going to be a sunny day. I have a headache......
The above is my entry for One Day in History. Today everybody is supposed to record the details of their lives at the History Matters site, thus leaving behind a gigantic blog record of what it was like to be alive on 17th October 2006. 'We should include as much banal normal stuff as possible,' says Dan Snow, a historian.
Five hundred years later: 'As to why these boring idiots,' writes the historian Zeeb Haflop, 'should think we had the slightest interest in their bowls of horrible granola, we can only speculate.'


  1. Good for you on having such a healthy breakfast!

    I had a muffin from M&S. :P

    As for why people will care 500 years from now, it's because you're who you are! ha ha

  2. Well I bought , in good faith, what I took to be an almond croissant. It turned out to contain some kind of lemony substance, probably lemon curd. This was unsettling - and just the kind of thing to make posterity sit up, I reckon.

  3. But did it potentially contain nuts? I've just bought some turkish (should that be a capital T ?)lemon tea. Tea is a rather stretched term for all sorts of infusion, but this is really just 'lemon equivalent' flavour and sugar. I like it, it's very refreshing when you don't want tannin, but MAY CONTAIN NUTS! Why? I don't want a granola in my cup.

  4. Maybe we should show some pride and try and make ourselves look good for posterity here. Thinking along the lines of..... "Making great strides in my efforts to house train the woolly mammoth I created from fossilised remains last year. Ted is a devil to feed but he's great company." Twould surely make better reading than-"Today I read about how one of our exalted minds, Bryan Appleyard, had two cups of tea and a bowl of Quaker Oat Granola."

  5. -"Today I read about how one of our exalted minds, Bryan Appleyard, had two cups of tea and a bowl of Quaker Oat Granola."

    Just in case.....meaning, Bryan, that would have been my contribution. Your breakfast details are obviously of great interest both now and to future generations but my reading of them possibly less so.

  6. So what happened to it then?

    Search it for granola, appleyard. Nothing. Mind you I haven'tsearched for anything else either so maybe the index isn't.

    Or did you fox us all and use the Welsh language option ?

  7. By the way, Bryan, I have been reading through your posts on the fat police and English football and I just have to say: I think you are one of the funniest people I have ever read.

    You are now my second favorite living Englishman. I'm sorry, but Bill Nighy is first for me -- funny, smart, *and* he can act (one flaw-- he likes Pinter's plays) -- but I've been admiring him longer and, ya know, I'm loyal.

    Anyway: Rock on, B.A., rock on.

  8. Many thanks, Susan. The agony of coming second to an actor will, doubtless, abate. I do recall a feeling of being at home amidst disappointment when I visited Philadelphia to interview Camille Paglia. But I can't believe your sportists are anything like as studiously whining and self-involved as ours. Never mind. I shall rock on, it is what I do.