Saturday, October 07, 2006

Trashing Deepak Chopra

Fabulously entertaining this. Poor Deepak Chopra, world expert on life and stuff, seems to have annoyed the geneticists. I have to say that, irrespective of the science, deep Deep does seem to bring it on himself with his writing.
'That's an awful lot of mysteries hanging around. None of them represent a novel, rebellious, or skeptical point of view.'


  1. I should admit in advance that my own science education isn't what it should be, but there seems to be the germ (gene?) of a good point in the article. In the drug trial scandal a few months back animal testing did not pick up a flaw that may yet still kill the volunteers, given the dramatic impact on their health. Don't believe the hype seems a sensible principle for life.

  2. Just read the article. Your reading list is interesting, Bryan.

  3. Simon,
    I am always sceptical of the claims of scientists. And it is certainly the case that genetics has proved to be a much more complex matter than was thought when DNA was first decoded. There is a grain (?) of truth in when deep Deep says, but he does it so badly. He simply regurgitates what was obviously poor journalism and, in doing so, reveals his own limitations. The problem is that people never understand how provisional scientific knowledge tends to be.

  4. Oh the fabulousness of those who like to point out the apparent idiocy of all around them. The 'think like I do or you're an idiot crowd'. Their rapier wit and scathing intellect are the admiration of all who are bothered to read yet more of their rantings. Why do you guys bother? I mean- really - get a life.