Sunday, October 29, 2006

Naomi Campbell Punches World

I don't usually take in stories about Naomi Campbell's reign of terror. A headline that begins 'Naomi Assaults....' is just, to me, further evidence that the cosmos is proceeding smoothly along its ordained path. I have only just discovered, therefore, that the latest person she seems to have attacked is her own drugs counsellor. Somebody brought in to solve one of Naomi's problems only succeeds in exacerbating another. Has she ever punched her anger management counsellor or attempted to drown her swimming instructor? Such hermetic circularity would suggest some wider plan. Is it possible that Naomi has Zen-like depths, that this is all some kind of elaborate Koan? Probably not, but it does suggest to me another six worder: ''Come in,' smiled Naomi. Biff! 'Aaaaaargh!''


  1. These are indeed testing times, you're right there Bryan...

  2. Shame she hasn't hit Liam Gallagher, Gordon Ramsay, David Aaronovitch, Diane Abbott and many more deserving targets rather than the poor saps who court/service her.

    Then again what can you expect from a latterday African Queen pushing the volatile Negro temperament to its limit in the vast injunction-free space afforded by hyper-individualism .