Friday, October 10, 2008

Crisis News

1)Gordon Brown's obvious glee is one of the more alarming aspects of the crisis. Now his rescue scheme - not a patch on mine - is being embraced as the best plan for the world and definitely superior to that of the curiously thick-necked 'Hank' Paulson. Brown's survival as leader suddenly seems to be a fait accompli. The danger now is that he will win the next election. We must in these troublous times have the courage to think the unthinkable.
2)The Guardian quotes a fund manager - 'If one bank holds down pay, then staff will leave and go to one that doesn't. And if London become badly paid then there will be an exodus to Mumbai, Shanghai and Dubai.
So, let's be clear, if we pay bankers less they'll emigrate to various cities ending in 'ai'. Sounds like win-win to me.


  1. Yes, this is benefiting Brown because dourness and stodgy solidity are attractive qualities in a 'crisis'.

    Strange sort of crisis this though. It's like everyone yelling at you that the building is collapsing but no rubble has yet bounced on your bonce.

  2. Bankers have always tried this old line. "If you don't do what we say, we'll take our toys and play elsewhere!" Most of them would be back within five years, probably skint.

    Maybe Sir Max has the answer in an article today. Bankers "should be perceived as men and women whom decent people will not share a park bench with." That'll show 'em! Alas, it is we who will be shivering under old newspapers on a park bench while the bankers raise a toast to themselves in their villas in Corfu and Tuscany. Maybe this is a job for the Terminator.

    Your photo is a beautiful solution to the banking crisis. It's very hard to think of a better one just at the moment.

  3. Gordon Brown, solution to and cause of to the ongoing financial crisis.

  4. Pssst, 'ere mite, anybody wanna buy a bleedin' country?

    From the Times online.

    "The situation is far more serious, however, for Iceland, which grew rich on cheap credit but has now been forced to beg Russia for funds. The entire country, except for the singer Bjork, was put for sale on the eBay auction site, offering buyers "a habitable environment, Icelandic horses and admittedly a somewhat sketchy financial situation".
    "Bidding started at just 99p, but climbed to £10 million by mid-morning."

    Well done Gordon, how to stuff a country in one easy move, sweet revenge for losing the cod war.
    Awfull cheek, not throwing Bjork in FOC.

    Bryan, your thoughts on Labour winning the next election ruined my morning, not living close to Norwich Cathedral I went and sat in Melrose Abbey, one problem, no roof and chucking it down.
    Now both depressed and soaked, Zloty in a safe place though so screw the lot of them.

  5. Cheer up, Malty. Those canny Icelanders have just relieved Cats Protection league of 12.5 million, so it's not all bad news. We can only hope that the RSPB had the lot in the Banki HankiPanki. My suggestion is that we send a boatload of Daily Mail readers to Reykjavik. After a month of listening to their whingeing about awful golf courses, curried seal and the price of property, I'd guess the Icelanders will offer us several billion to take them back again.