Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dead Set

posted by Brit

As I predicted on this very blog, there are signs that a better world is on its way.

E4 aired the first episode of professional cynic Charlie Brooker's Dead Set (unusually indistinct title that, in these literal days of The Man with Testicles instead of Ears, or Louis Theroux Meets Some Rednecks and Takes the Mickey Out of Them by Pretending to be Naive and whatnot).

You don't need to watch Dead Set particularly - all you need to know is that it turned Big Brother into a vicious, visceral zombie gore-fest featuring real ex-contestants and Davina McCall.

Television ate itself a long time ago - the final coffee and after-dinner mints being the series of Celebrity Big Brother won by a fake non-celebrity. With Dead Set, television began puking itself up again.


  1. Yes indeed, telly as opium for the masses returned with a bang last night, Bill was rutting, deer were shagging, velvet flying all over the place, kate took a strop, the BBC invaded the Farne Islands,

  2. i haven't seen TV in 4 years now, except for a Richard & Judy clip and one episode of '24 hours with...'. The tales i hear of contemporary tv, reports of people like Russell Brand etc., are like traveller's tales from the 16th Century to me - anthropophagi, men with 3 heads, hideous abortions that live and walk and earn considerable salaries. When are they going to sort themselves out with some Samuel Beckett-themed shows?

    Malty - sort it out.