Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Hedgies Next

Great news! Any day now I can return to the Mirabelle.


  1. My office is on Berkeley Square, right in the middle of hedgie land. I have spent the last few days peering avidly form the window of my office waiting for the egregious blighters to start casting themselves from their office windows. Hasn't started yet, but there's still time.

  2. You never will see any of that this time around fleetofworlds, as most of these bastards have already salted away enough money to dwarf the GDP of some of the smaller African countries.
    What they are probably waiting for, as they sit in splendour in Holland Park, is for the property market to really hit bottom. When this moment arrives, sometime early next year they, being the only ones left with any real folding, will move in to 'top up' their portfolio.
    So don't bother to check the pavements in Berkeley Square for gore. The real dramas will be played out in postal codes like SE9 and NW2

  3. Early next year mahlerman, I think not. I've been through two of these "house price collapses". I would suggest early 2010 then prices remaining static for a further 3 to 5 years, those drooling monkeys will have to look elsewhere to invest their stash of gold teeth and stolen Klimts.

  4. My guess of next year was based on nothing particularly profound malty, just a feeling in my water, and a rapidly shrinking optimism.
    If my Apple has not been repossessed or stolen by marauding gangs of looters by, say, next Easter, lets hook-up again and see whether I was anywhere near the mark.
    Just before I mix the Horlicks, I leave you with a line from Horace- "He will always be a slave who does not know how to live upon a little"