Friday, October 24, 2008

More News from Planet Paltrow

Picking my way through the battlefield that this blog has become, it is with some trepidation, though also with a philanthropic desire to, in the argot of our American cousins, 'lighten up' that I bring to you the latest new from darling Gwyneth. She is taking on Nigella now - 'This week brings easy, delicious, healthy (EDH) options for breakfast, lunch and dinner....' There follows some EDH recipes which look quite nice if, to my mind, a bit too American. Next week: 'We talk to some very cool doctors about how to achieve general health, well-being, detoxification and weight loss.' Let me guess - exercise, meditate, drink too much water and eat less. 


  1. okay, I'll guess it'll be - some meat, less meat, no meat, and a lot of meat.

    do women prefer cool doctors or hot doctors now?

  2. Yes, one guessed it would be "breakfast, lunch and dinner" rather than "breakfast, dinner and tea". Sigh. I could see Nigella pouring a superior cup of tea, though, with proper milk and two sugars.

    Not really a fan of detoxification which these days seems to mean having your nether regions pumped out in some Austrian clinic. The notion that somehow people are naturally toxic is pretty odd and a guilt trip, I suspect.

  3. I just prefer 'em to be a little bit older than my granddaughter and know a lot more about medicine. In general women prefer women doctors.
    Gwyn P just too silly to comment on really, Nigella now....
    Feel a bit daft sitting here in tin helmet commenting on your blog, Bryan.

  4. I know this isn't very appropriate but i'd still cook Nigella over Gwyneth any day.

  5. Yes, cook. Do you have a problem with that?