Friday, October 17, 2008

Who Knew?

1)Hmmm so our first nationalised bank is now the most aggressive repossessor. Tricky and about to get a lot trickier.
2)Aspirin doesn't prevent heart attacks and strokes. Low dose aspirin makers have called for a government bailout. 'Total black swan, guv'nor, we done nothing wrong.'


  1. ''Worried Well'' - didn't they used to be called hypochondriacs? Non-PC.

  2. Prevents cancer though - that's a bonus...

  3. Only in the Mail, I suppose: an article mentioning gastro-intestinal problems manages to obtain quotes from someone called Professor Belch. In the meantime, I'd guess it's a fairly safe bet to say that people having their home repossessed tend to take more Aspirin than those who aren't.

  4. And my husband (61) takes a baby aspirin every day, religiously. Now I have to tell him it's pointless?

    Does this mean we're all gonna die after all, Bryan? How sad and unexpected....

  5. Hi Bryan,

    I knew.

    I had a heart attack in 2003, and was first prescribed the bigger dose of aspirin, which was then reduced to the baby dose, because I did not feel well. It felt sickening, like Liquid Plummer was in my system. Last May, I was bleeding arterially from the nose, which led to weeks out of work while the bleeding could not be stopped without finally straightening the nasal passage surgically and cauterizing electrically. I was taken off aspirin immediately.

    Maybe I'll try an apple a day.