Thursday, October 02, 2008

T.S.Eliot and the Astrological Problematic

The London Library, that great good place, has launched a magazine. This should send a ripple through St James's Square. Their first cover story is by way of being a scoop - unpublished letters from T.S.Eliot to the Library. The highlight is this:
'I have not the slightest recollecton of ever meeting or having had any communication with John MacCaig Thorburn... but in any case I could not possibly vouch for the validity or justification of anybody's work in a field such as Astrological Problematic.'
And so John MacCaig Thorburn slipped quietly into the dark.


  1. i believe his widow is still sitting on quite a few of Possum's letters for the proposed but never-to-be Volume II. Volume I was wonderful, perhaps II would be too wonderful for publication.

  2. The inaugural issue also includes an article (in .pdf format) about Jacob Simon, Chief Curator at the National Portrait Gallery, that, I was interested to see, shows him dressed for work almost identical to me. His rolling up his sleeves seems a nice touch. I might have to adopt that practice.