Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bed Bugs and Lurie

Nice article.
Weird article. Bed bug outbreaks. Really? 'The fact that we got rid of them for fifty years in the United States is now looking miraculous.'


  1. I've often thought that fashion and bed bugs were connected. I gave up fashion at 19 and have never been bitten.

  2. Okay, I love the Alison Lurie piece. As someone who would be silver were she not blonde, I can relate. However, my husband has no intention of letting me "go natural" -- not yet, anyway. Maybe after he has senile dementia it won't matter. On the other hand, my daughter, 20, treats me as a fashion disaster who needs a makeover. After telling me I looked like a lesbian hiker (I like jeans, Merrell's, pullovers), she took me to the mall and kitted me up in kitteny twin-sets matched with skirts and feminine flared trousers. Admittedly, I immediately got complimented at work.

    But, fashion-smashion. My favorite clothes are still my ripped-in-the-knee jeans and t-shirts. I can wear the little black dresses and heels, but they're for other people's benefit more than my own.

    hear, hear Alison Lurie. Wear what you want, you've earned it. "Foreign Affairs" and "The Truth About Lorin Jones" have earned you your laurels, and who needs more than that?

  3. Comment of the month there Susan, though I feel socially bound to say I barely understood a word of it

  4. Hey, Richard: It can't be comment of the month if you didn't get it.

    God, we have such weird news on these shores today. A woman rapes and kills her daughter's friend. Everything we know about the shooting at Columbine High School ten years ago turns out to be wrong. All those sessions on how-not-to-be-a-bully or how-not-to-be-bullied are all bullsh*t. What matters is how to tell a psychopath when their young, how to notice if someone who is suicidal is also going to be violent.

    I want to go live in a cave sometimes. Humans are so despicable.

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