Friday, April 24, 2009

On Breasts

Is anybody, anywhere, attracted to breasts that have been artificially pumped up and pushed out to the point where they can function as a serviceably rigid shelf on which the lady in question can rest her chin should her neck get tired? Surely not.


  1. well now you mention the head-rest aspect, I'm considering getting a pair for myself. They'd be a real boon on long-haul flights.

  2. Or perhaps you could rest a mug of coffee on them?

  3. I don't think women would be doing it if there wasn't at least one guy who liked it.

  4. They're a wonderful development, and bring joy to many.

  5. Is this just a blatant ploy to up your visitor count? Breasts indeed..

    Captain Noble.

    Women dress for each other, not for men. I would expect they dress their body for the same reasons. Face it, since a large proportion of the male population would happily shag the knot in a kitchen table, they don't really have to put in much of an effort for us.

  6. "Women dress for each other"

    I think that's a myth, Recusant.

    I think mostly they dress against each other.

  7. Personally speaking, I do like a pair of cross-eyed nipples.

  8. Any why are they dressing for/against each other, Recusant? Because they are competing for the attention of males.

  9. haha excellent post, Brit

  10. Brit, I stand corrected for my terminology. You are right, of course.

    Captain Noble, they are not competing for our attention, they just want to beat the competition. As I said, most men don't have have an interest in the way they decide to compete. There is, after all, a reason why the fashion business is exclusively populated by asexual females and gay males.

  11. Miami's doing you no good at all Bryan, come home at once, you're an arse man.

  12. i know one person who goes for fake tits. He also only likes blondes. He's a fashion model and dancer who insists on being addressed as The Blazer or O'Flames. Well, he WAS a model etc. - he's now in prison for blazing underage girls.

    i don't know anyone else who likes fake tits.

    i had an Ass vs Tits debate with a fellow temp once, who came up with the following:

    "I just find ass more...relevant."

  13. I like the word "rack" for this topic. Is it american or british?

    "Nice rack. She's got a nice rack."

    A nice rack not being like two airbags have gone off...

  14. Moving a family of crested newts this afternoon had me pondering the earthy subject of those things women have and some of us don't.
    Yes indeed, filling them with placky substances does the owner no favours and merely fills the mechanics coffers.
    They are probably natures finest blending of varying, intersecting double curvature, correctly weighted and topped off with the appropriate accessories they are among the most aesthetically pleasing forms on the planet.
    Julia Roberts, a goddess on a par with Ava Gardner is the lucky owner of a splendid pair, ageing well.

    Susan Sarandon was the keeper of an absolutely magnificent set but gravity appears to be intervening.
    As Marlon quite crudely said, enjoy them while you can, before long you'll be playing football with 'em.

    The newts by the way were satisfactorily rehoused.

  15. Ya can't beat rubber knockers...