Monday, April 13, 2009

Red Rag

Thanks to Dizzy for pointing out that the Red Rag web site, said not to exist, does, in fact, exist. I've put a comment on the only post. I think you should too - something along the lines of, 'Why Draper?' or how come Gordon Brown needs an ugly sleazeball like McBride? Unfortunately comment moderation is on and I suspect we may not be published. Never mind, the war (on Brown) needs a few futile gestures at this point.


  1. Interestingly, the domain is registered to one Ollie Cromwell. One of Guido's pseudonyms?...


  2. Chequers

    In 1715, the then owner of the house married a John Russell, a grandson of Oliver Cromwell. The house is well known for this connection to the Cromwells, and it still contains a large collection of Cromwell memorabilia.

    Might have more to do with it

  3. Ollie Cromwell? Isn't he called Oliver Kamm nowadays?

  4. I thought this blog didnt exist.
    well well well

  5. Anagram:

    Red Rag blogsite = Blogger's tirade!

  6. I suspect the decline in standards might have been initiated in No 10 by Mre Thatcher appointing Bernard Ingham as press secretary
    The current system is clearly not fit for purpose.
    The electorate is tired of Party politics and point scoring. Can we PLEASE have a National Government dedicated to the welfare of the people and not serving sectional (often foriegn) interests.

  7. I think we can expect a job advert to appear in the usual channels:

  8. Welcome to 21st century politics.
    ala U.S.A/showbiz

  9. What about Watson, should not he depart as well?

  10. A long weekend without a newsworthy story,too good an opportunity for the Tories to pass up.
    Labour enjoying a G20 bounce in the polls.
    And now a few Pink Tories in the Labour Party seeking their revenge.
    Leaves me wondering if there is some truth out there in some of these allegations.

  11. At least Tory Bliar knew when it was time to go, but this useless article and unelected dictator - Brownstuff - doesn't. Show him the Red Flag for heaven's sake.

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