Thursday, April 02, 2009

Shrinking Phil

Everybody is talking about Shrinking Phil, the big shock of the G20 circus. The TV shots of POTUS and Michelle meeting the Queen and her consort were deeply troubling. Mr and Mrs Pres loomed over Liz and Phil, making them look like a couple of garden gnomes- you know, small and slightly furtive. Now, I knew she'd shrunk a bit, but what happened to Phil? I think we should be told.


  1. Sawn off at the knee. It's protocol.

  2. Make me King or Lord Protector will do, I am 6.3 and will stare down at Barry and Mich from above.

    I noted the diminishing highest of Brenda at the Melbourne Commonwealth games in 2006, I think the Aussie put something in their tea, war should be declared.

  3. He fell into my hands.

    i'm only 5'6" but everyone thinks i'm at least 6' for some reason, perhaps my pirate boots with the 6" heels.

  4. Elementary, all Greeks lose altitude with age as do many German women, look at Leni for goodness sake, 90 odd and four inches tall.
    Added to which is the problem of wearing those heavy crowns, must wear one down.

  5. Hard to see Prince Philip catching many salmon north of the border if he's been reduced to casting a line while standing on top of a toadstool. I wonder if this also means the Queen now has to use a special miniature sword with which to knight people? The full-size one might well cause her to tip forward, with disastrous consequences to the person kneeling before her.

  6. Is Nick still wearing stacked heals? could not tell much in the Franco-German Eu (arent we important?) press conference with Angela.

    So thats three national embarrassments in one day.

    1, Gorgons lurve fest press conference with his close personal friend.(suck suck)

    2, Barry and Mich making Brenda and Phil lock like something out of lord of the rings.

    3. Michelle putting her arm around Brenda.

    ...oops as I speak here comes another one, Gorgon addresses the world....Ill go and mop the kitchen.