Monday, April 06, 2009

Bill Nighy and Mark at Oxford

There were two blog-related incidents at the Oxford Literary Festival where I discussed a)the future of the book b) the short story and c)Peter Conrad. The first was that I met Bill Nighy. I had assumed I knew him, indeed, that he was a a regular on this blog. But, of course, this was because of commenter Susan's undying passion. Nice chap, very thin, very suave. Secondly, during the Conrad event, a rather tough and intelligent question was asked by a member of the audience. This turned out to be none other than super-commenter Mark. Nice chap, quite thin, very suave.
*I won all my three gigs giving me a straight nine points from Oxford, a flying start to the lit fest season.


  1. OMG -- I really WISH I had been there. Bill, Bryan, and Mark...the Apostles of Suave. Now, do you see why I love Mr. Nighy, Bryan? Besides being an incredible actor, he's a very intelligent and witty man in his own right, a good conversationalist and SO kind.

    And here I was, stuck in Philly grading terrible papers on (in)justice in Afghanistan.....Sigh.

  2. Well it was very good from where I sat (and from where I could see a pair of what looked like primo cowboy boots). Before the session I compared notes with the person sitting next to me. She too had been taught by Peter Conrad. "Was he fierce in tutorials in your day too?" she asked. Yes, very. For all the right reasons, teaching one to argue and defend a position, not simply to assert it. It was excellent to be back and I hope Peter Conrad enjoyed the session.