Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Rockets are everywhere. This guy is about to launch the biggest ever working model of, believe it or not, a Saturn V. This guy has turned a missile silo into a home. And these guys are offering them for sale. They have 'blast vestibules', rooms I suddenly realise I can't live without.


  1. Wonderful little earners, rocket bits, back when Britain had the know how the Blue streak became the first stage of the European Europa whoosh bang ooh nasty. Mostly worked, more than can be said for the cheese munching surrender monkey's second stage bit. Blue streak was posted to Australia in a specially built cradle which resided at Hawker Siddeley's Stevenage plant.
    It must have been one of the few remaining genuinely cost plus items in the programme. Every unlooked for cost within a fifty mile radius was lumped against it, it ended up costing more than the rocket.

    The Swiss of course have for years lived in houses built on top of fallout shelters. Posing the obvious question, who on earth would bother bombing the Swiss.

    Strange land America, these shelters aren't sub prime then?

    Not as strange as Scotland, bunch of herbert's up here have just decided to drop their legal challenge against the English, for the wrongful charging of William Wallace for treason.

  2. Im up for bombing the swiss. Just for a laugh, like.

  3. My blog is my blast vestibule. It remains to be seen whether i will achieve orbit or just blow myself to pieces, taking most of my commentators with me.

  4. The rocket launch thingey man is barking mad you know...

  5. "Peden says that he and his wife inhabit only 6,500 square feet out of the base's 18,000 sq ft. Their two daughters grew up here, learning to ride their bikes on the extensive driveway, but have since grown up and moved out."

    How would he know if they'd moved out of a bunker that big?

  6. ill take two, one for bonfire night the other for new years eve. Everyones going to come to my party!

  7. Rockets,eh? Oh yeah, everyone talking about how their Germans are better than the other guy's Germans.

    Just watch out for Khazakstanis.

    Who'd bomb the Swiss? Well, the Americans are too busy bombing the Korengalis,(?), so it won't be them, at least for a while.

    привет из Сибири, van D

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