Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chris Hale's Blog

My pal, occasional commenter, film maker and all round kosher dude, Chris Hale, has started a blog! Go there at once.


  1. OK Appleyard I went to your friends blog and what did I find? The usual liberal rubbish about guns. Perhaps you could point out to this cliche monger that in Britain we have the toughest gun laws in the world and gun crime has doubled since they were passed! Needless to say Mr Hales blog will not be in my favourites list.

  2. I look forward to the day when blogs start having blogs. This has to be a natural progression after all we've had babies, pets and teleprompters blog, there is no known natural restrictions to anything blogging. I look forward to it because when it happens I can put the world wide web in the loft and get on with what's left of reality. I shall go to your friend's blog directly...