Friday, May 15, 2009


Apologies for the absence of posts, this is because I have been told that blogging is so 2005. If they had said 1969, I would have been posting like crazy. Well, no, it's that pesky work thing again, paid employment is the curse of the blogging classes. I have nothing to report other than the fact that, though still adhering to my near zero carb diet, I have discovered that 85 per cent Lindt chocolate smeared with Marscarpone is so delicious that it brings tears to my eyes even to mention it. I have no idea why that came into my head.


  1. Sort out your priorities, Bryan. You OWE us, dammit (no you don't really).

    From the linked article:

    Blogs rhyme with slog. It's a small part of the population. It's too much work. ...

    The heat and dyanmism* of blogging is gone.
    In other words, blogging sorts the men from the boys. Those who can, blog. Those who can't, twitter.

    *sic. Good old Grauniad, some things never change.

  2. An epidemic is upon us, after a bout of escaping sheep the Buccleuch estates have been round replacing missing posts, will you require their Email address Bryan ?

    You could post on why the BBC haven't included Pam Ayres in their poetry fest.

  3. reports on the decline of blogging is so 2006.

    Twitter saved the integrity of blogging: most stories only need a headline. I'm not sure about men vs boys but a genius could've told this post in 140 characters.

  4. If you've got mascapone and chocolate you're only a few steps away from a tiramisu...

  5. i like figs cut in half and smeared with mascarpone - rich but vaguely Biblical.

    Aren't you supposed to be a pure carnivore?